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Das Kaukasusprojekt der Alliierten vom Jahre 1940 Günter Kahle

Das Kaukasusprojekt der Alliierten vom Jahre 1940

Günter Kahle

Published January 1st 1973
ISBN : 9783531071862
48 pages
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From October 1939 on, the British and French general staff discussed possibilities for joint military action agairrst the Soviet Union as a potential ally of the German Reich. Apart from weakening the USSR such action was to reinforce the economic blockade agairrst Germany. An allied expedition ary corpswas to be organized under the socalled Northplan- the engage ment of this corps in Scandinavia was to lead to an easing of the military pressure on the Finns in the winter campaign of 1939/40 and also to a command of the North Swedish ore deposits. In January, 1940, the Allied Chiefs of Staff began to consider a parallel Southplan, and serious pre parations for its execution were begun in March. lts aim was to launch a joint English-French attack, if possible with Turkish support, on the Soviet oil centres in the Caucasus Mountains. Such an attack by the French General Headquarters - set for the end of June or beginning of July, 194- became pointless after the German offensive agairrst France in May, 1940. The English took up the Southplan again after the French surrender, and discussions of its possibilities can be traced up to a few days before the German attack on the Soviet Union in June, 1941. Resurne Depuis octobre 1939, les etats-majors generaux britannique et fran ais ont discute a maintes reprises de mesures militaires contre lUnion Sovieti que en tant quallie potentiel du Reich allemand.