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Uh-Oh, Baby! Nancy Coffelt

Uh-Oh, Baby!

Nancy Coffelt

Published March 19th 2013
ISBN : 9781416991496
40 pages
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 About the Book 

This book reminds me of our youngest son. Its very cute and well-illustrated. I think its intended for toddlers and preschoolers and I think they can relate to another kid whos doing his best to do something (in Rudys case making his mom a present) and then something goes wrong. They want to impress, for their mom to say Wow! instead of the constant Uh oh! when what theyre trying to do is a little beyond them (in my toddlers case he wants to unload the dishwasher on his own - by standing on the open dishwasher door and then removing the dishes and intermingling them with whatever else might be on the counter - a serious uh-oh, but hes trying to help... he wants Wow!).While the ladybug isnt acknowledged in the text, its obvious in the pictures and when storytelling to preschool-age kids, asking them whats happening in the picture What happened here? Why did Rudys picture blow away? etc.... is pretty common. And kids are used to the visual - for them, the text *is* part of the picture, so the limited amount of text with a lot going on in the pictures is helpful for them because they dont have to rely on the text (which they cant read yet) to describe the action. Good Dog Carl is another book that has very limited text, but the story is told through the pictures.Very highly recommended for parents of preschoolers and for story times.