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Small Lie Big Outcome (Camille series Book 4) D.C. Johnson

Small Lie Big Outcome (Camille series Book 4)

D.C. Johnson

Published August 18th 2014
Kindle Edition
292 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Corrine Cooperson is about to be released from prison. Abandoned by her family, Corrine looks to Camille, her best friend, to take her in. It creates a problem for Camille, because Walter, Camille’s live-in boyfriend, thinks Corrine was incarcerated for a petty crime and not murder. What’s more unsettling to him is finding out that Corrine is a lesbian. Though Camille has put her past lifestyle behind her, Walter’s aunt, Stella, is set on tearing Walter and Camille apart, feeling Camille will be back to her old ways. Walter becomes insecure with Corrine and Camille’s friendship and takes up company with Angie Boyd, a woman he met at his family’s barbecue. It isn’t until Walter has an affair with Angie and is involved in a terrible car accident, that he learns Angie is harboring a secret. Even though he knows telling Camille will devastate her, he still asks for her hand in marriage. Will she say I do?